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Use Depiloh over stretched, clean, dry and free of creams skin. If it is done with newborn hair, this process will be faster and more effective. Besides, the patches will last longer.

If it is the first depilation, it is advisable to do it in the afternoon, so every possible reddening of the skin could disappear during the night. In order to soothe the affected skin, we recommend you to apply moisturizer after the depilation.

Firstly, it is necessary to stick the patch to the head, taking into consideration specially that the ends of the patch coincide with the ones of the head to avoid skin irritations. The head moves to the right or to the left. Depilate spinning in the opposite direction of the head’s movement.

The rubbing between the head and the skin should be soft, without putting pressure and with circular movements to both sides. After a few minutes of depilation, the patch does not remove any more hair due to the saturation of dead skin in it, that is why it should be dry-cleaned with a sponge and this operation should be repeated until the depilation is over.

When the patch is worn down, move the worn-down patch away unsticking and pulling it out by one of the sides and stick a new one.